Fall 13 ReportBiannual Report -Fall 2013
[PDF, 2.5 MB]

Biannual Report - Fall 2013
[SWF, 117KB]

Fall 14 ReportBiannual Report -Fall 2014
[PDF, 29 MB]

Biannual Report - Fall 2014
[SWF, 37MB]

Winter 13 ReportBiannual Report -Winter 2013
[PDF, 2 MB]

Biannual Report - Winter 2013
[SWF, 117KB]

Spring 12 ReportBiannual Report -Spring 2012
[PDF, 2 MB]

Biannual Report - Spring 2012
[SWF, 117KB]

Fall 2011 Biannual Report Biannual Report - Fall 2011
[SWF, 117KB]

Biannual Report -Fall 2011
[PDF, 2 MB]


Summer 2010 Biannual Report Biannual Report - Spring 2011
[SWF, 117KB]

Biannual Report - Spring 2011
[PDF, 2 MB]


Winter 2010 Biannual Report Biannual Report - Winter 2010
[SWF, 117KB]

Biannual Report - Winter 2010
[PDF, 2MB]


Summer 2010 Biannual Report Biannual Report - Summer 2010
[SWF, 117KB]

Biannual Report - Summer 2010
[PDF, 2 MB]


Summer 2009 Biannual ReportBiannual Report - Summer 2009
[PDF, 1.17MB]

Winter 2009 Biannual ReportBiannual Report - Winter 2009
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Critical Facilities [PDF, 1.58MB]
Critical Facilities [SWF]

The full scope of our industry leadership and international expertise is reflected in our local delivery teams – more than 150 critical facilities specialists who are experienced, accessible and personally committed to your success.

Facility Management & Commissioning [PDF]
Facility Management & Commissioning [SWF]

Our dedicated team of Facility Management and Commissioning Specialists provide expertise to building owners and operators so that safe & energy efficient operations are achieved over the lifetime of the facility.

Government [PDF, 373KB]

Syska Hennessy Group has seven decades of experience serving the needs of government agencies with technical excellence, quality and cost control, and on-time achievement of project objectives.

Energy Services [PDF, 220KB]

We study, plan, design and construct energy solutions. Our experienced professionals have a unique insight into today’s (and tomorrow’s) energy challenges.

Science and Technology [PDF, 1.66MB]

We make it our business to understand yours. Decades of experience delivering nearly $5 billion in completed research facilities makes Syska Hennessy Group uniquely attuned to the process that drives scientific success, in industry and academia.

Healthcare [PDF, 774KB]

Over seven decades of serving hospitals and healthcare companies has made us adept at engineering for change, because no other industry changes more quickly, constantly or dramatically.

Sustainable Design [PDF, 1.88MB]

Sustainability is defined in part by what can be reduced: resource consumption, operating costs and environmental impact. We go further, measuring our results by the standards we raise: building performance, user productivity and long-term asset value.

Sports [PDF, 175KB]

Sports venues are the most dynamic, sophisticated, versatile and exhilarating places in the world. So, too, should be the people and processes that create them.

Vertical Transportation [PDF, 102KB]

It’s not often that a firm of broad scope and capabilities also cultivates leadership in a specialized practice. Syska Hennessy Group brings that distinction to its vertical transportation services

Technology [PDF, 653KB]

The design of Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure, Audio-Visual (A/V) and Security Systems demands global best practices in consulting, engineering, technology and construction.

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