historical photo of board of directors

In 1928, two young mechanical engineers went into partnership to form their own engineering firm. They were Adolph G. Syska and John F. Hennessy. Founded as Syska & Hennessy Engineers, their firm in New York was among the first to specialize in the elaborate mechanical and electrical systems at the heart of 20th century structures.

Since the opening of that first office, Syska Hennessy has grown nationally and globally, providing high-performance building technology, innovative solutions and delivering facilities that stand the test of time. As our clients’ needs have grown, so have the services we provide, evolving from our core design engineering roots in mechanical and electrical engineering to become a diversified and integrated organization providing consulting, engineering, and technology services.

Today, we draw from our rich legacy of experience, with an eye toward the future. With offices through out the United States and overseas in Shanghai, China, and a team of professionals, we believe in integrating the best minds and technology to create high-performance solutions for the built environment – and working with our clients throughout the lifecycle of their facilities.

Comprehensive History [PDF, 83KB]