The Criticality Levels™ of Facilities, Defined and Balanced

Various data center tier classifications have been in use for some time. These classifications have focused on power and other infrastructure as the primary failure components of the past. Having designed, constructed or operated over 50 million square feet of critical facilities means we can turn that experience into new trends to put into practice. Syska has developed a newly defined and detailed approach to the levels of criticality for data, telecom and other critical facilities, and the comprehensive balance of all parameters to a given Criticality Level™.

These Criticality Level (C level) definitions differentiate the required availability between various business operations and the expected availability between sites that are located, designed, constructed, commissioned, maintained and operated at different budget and priority levels.

Our philosophy is that critical mission operation vulnerability is directly attributed to the weakest link in its chain. For example, an infrastructure with a sophisticated and redundant design will not perform as expected if not balanced with a sophisticated, trained operating staff with commensurate documentation. Ongoing change control, training and re-training, re-commissioning and attention to documentation detail is paramount.