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Mission Critical Facilities and Operations: Executive Overview of Threshold Considerations
New regulatory and legal standards for corporate governance have dramatically elevated the level of chief executive and board member involvement in mission critical operations, which were previously the sole concern of technical and facility managers. Both the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and recent legal interpretations have redefined directors’ fiduciary duty as “active monitoring” of corporate operations rather than reliance on management to control risks. Because of the extreme financial, operational and security risks presented by mission critical functions and facilities, chief executives and directors must have independent understanding of the threshold concepts applied in these operations. Here we examine these threshold considerations for the benefit of C-suite executives and fiduciaries.
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Integrated Waterside Economizer Operation for Data Center Central Chiller Plants
This white paper explores the effectiveness of using an Integrated Water Side Economizer (IWSE), which differs from the traditional water side economizer, as it pipes a Heat Exchanger (HX) in series with the chillers. Energy savings can be recognized in a water cooled chiller plant by using this low- cost solution, which involves the addition of a few automated valves and piping alterations that enable the plant to capture a substantial amount of “partial cooling” hours during the shoulder seasons (Fall/Spring). Consequently, the KW input requirements of the chiller are reduced.
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Opportunity Knocks: Managing airflow to enhance data center cooling performance
Join Syska’s Kishor Khankari, a PhD in Computational Fluid Dynamics and developer of several CFD soft-ware tools, in his White Paper Opportunity Knocks, as he explores practical techniques to enhance the legacy data center’s cooling performance and further promote its energy efficiency.
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Greening Reliability
by Syska Hennessy Group Green Critical Facilities Team

Syska Hennessy Group’s Green Critical Facilities (CF) Team, in partnership with data center owners and operators, is pushing the envelope of design by calling for reduced energy consumption without jeopardizing uptime. Join us in exploring the question, “Can Green really be reliable?” in their newest White Paper, Greening Reliability.
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An Electrical Win-Win Solution and Best Practice
In Critical Facilities, the electrical load on the critical (UPS output) bus is a continuous load that rarely changes (except to increase!). A 100%-rated circuit breaker will carry 100% of its rating continuously, but an 80%-rated circuit breaker will carry only 80% of its rating. Why are 80%-rated circuit breakers specified for continuous loads? By specifying 100%-rated circuit breakers we can reduce first cost (CAPEX) and increase availability.
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