'Wireless Umbrella™' Provides Comprehensive
Wireless Coverage on Campus

--Optimizing cellular coverage at colleges and universities can attract revenue and students.

A common problem on college and university campuses is signal blockage caused by trees and heavy masonry buildings.

A common problem on college and university campuses is signal blockage caused by trees and heavy masonry buildings.

Colleges and universities across the country could increase their revenues and improve the quality of life for their students by adopting campus-wide cellular and wireless Internet coverage. By providing wireless coverage in every corner of the campus, we create a 'Wireless Umbrella™' that provides reliable service to every person at the institution for the first time. Our Wireless Umbrella™ program puts an end to dropped calls and assures that high-speed wireless transmission meets the needs of students, faculty and staff who want 24/7 connection to cell phones, the campus network, and the Internet.

Wireless carriers are anxious to put their antennas on college campuses, but oftentimes there is no coordinated effort by the universities to co-locate two or more carriers at one site, maximize coverage, and protect the aesthetics guidelines set by each school. As a result, wireless coverage on most campuses is spotty and inadequate.

Under the Wireless Umbrella™ program the needs of all stakeholders are identified, a campus wireless strategy is set, radio frequency testing is analyzed and lease negotiations with wireless companies are begun. The goal is to streamline antennae sites and build the kind of smooth, progressive wireless network increasingly demanded by students and faculty who want continual access to email and the Web.

We act in the school's best interest by carrying out the role of program managers -- overseeing the negotiations for leasing antenna sites on, and within buildings, setting technology specifications, minimizing the duplication of infrastructure, and balancing the needs of the carriers with the needs of the school. We're focused on reconciling a carrier's desired locations with the preferences of all stakeholders such as the campus architect, and the facilities and technology teams. We work to avoid the fragmented approach that has robbed campuses of adequate wireless coverage for today's technology, as well as tomorrow's next generation communication equipment.

Ideal Coverage: Wireless Umbrella™ provides campus-wide wireless coverage with adaptability for future technologies.

Ideal Coverage: Wireless Umbrella™ provides campus-wide wireless coverage with adaptability for future technologies.

A strategic, comprehensive Wireless Umbrella™ program provides benefits for everyone. It is an attractive selling point to potential students and staff and opens the door for revenue sharing with the cellular carriers on top of the six-figure lease agreements for the antenna sites. There's no need for schools to keep losing money on dormitory landlines that are increasingly ignored by cell-phone users. The convenience of comprehensive coverage encourages more wireless use, increasing revenues for colleges and their wireless providers.

There are also security benefits of a Wireless Umbrella™. This approach assures parents they can reach their children's cell phone and email at any minute and provides peace of mind.

Syska Hennessy Group's Wireless Umbrella™ team is an integrated group of experts including program managers, real estate brokers, technology consultants, architects, engineers and construction consultants. We are expanding to hotels, medical centers, airports and theme parks who are looking to provide leading-edge services to employees, patients and visitors while maximizing revenue and minimizing the physical impact of telecommunications infrastructure on their business environment.

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