With new challenges come new opportunities

Our Government is demonstrating real leadership in their commitment to reduce our national consumption of energy resources and increase our independence by investing in alternative sources of energy.

We now have in place extraordinarily ambitious sustainable and high- performance initiatives; Energy Independence & Security Act (EISA), Executive Orders 13423 and 13123 require federal buildings to achieve ground-breaking improvements in reducing energy consumption and waste production, and increasing power generation.

What kind of future do these initiatives proscribe? One in which our buildings reduce energy consumption by 30% and water consumption by 16% in six years. They collectively push the boundaries of our current science, requiring net zero energy in federal buildings by 2030 and creating a path to carbon neutrality.

Goals as ambitious as these require aggressive thought leadership balanced with experience and sound judgment. New approaches and technologies need to be vetted for lifecycle impact. With increased complexity comes the risk of compromised performance.

To achieve success, a collaborative approach which involves strategic partnership from the beginning of a project is critical. High-performance solutions engage creative thinkers with digital workflows and measurement tools to create new opportunities.

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