Pentagon Memorial Park Design
Arlington, VA

Family and friends of the 184 people who lost their lives during the attack on the Pentagon on September 11th banded together to raise funds to design, build and maintain a permanent memorial to their loved ones. They decided to construct the memorial through a design/build process so that the memorial could be constructed quickly and open to the public on September 11, 2008.

Selected from a national competition, the final design called for 184 Memorial Units (MU). Each unit consists of a cantilevered bench with a lighted reflecting pool directly beneath the seating area. Syska Engineers coordinated with the landscape architect and MU designers to insure that the water supply and return system, as well as the power supply, would support each unit. An underground Operations Control Center was decided upon to house these services.

The design also called for the park to be void of utilities, both above and below ground, requiring the relocation of all present utilities. Syska worked with the Pentagon Facilities Group (PenRen) so that the changeover would not adversely affect normal operations within the Pentagon itself. Additionally, PenRen required that all designs and modifications be 3D modeled in Micro Station.


2 acres