Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel - New High-Rise Hotel
Phoenix, AZ

The Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel is the first new high-rise hotel to be built in downtown Phoenix since 1976 and the first newly built high-rise to be placed on the Northwind District Cooling loop. As the Engineer of Record for the new $160 million 31 story hotel, Syska was instrumental in helping the hotel secure excellent purchased chilled water rates – initially through consideration of a dedicated chilled water central plant and secondarily based on Syska’s intimate knowledge competitive chilled water rates. Syska Hennessy Group designed the mechanical and electrical systems of the Energy Transfer Station; this included four plate-and-frame 1500 GPM Heat Exchangers, variable speed chilled water pumps, control valves, isolation valves – all of which were controlled based on sequences of operations detailed by Syska.  The use of the district chilled water successfully avoided the build-out of a 3000 ton central plant.   In short, use of district chilled water via the Energy Transfer Station created more revenue generating space at the street level for the 1000 room hotel and conference center while reducing ongoing maintenance costs and producing an initial capital savings of approximately $6 million.

In addition to the mechanical engineering design and applications, Syska was able to leverage its public assembly expertise in the design of engineered systems of two major ballrooms and multiple meeting rooms – providing the utility services needed for professional conferences and meetings held within the downtown community.


1,100,000 sf