Aquarium of the Pacific
Long Beach, CA

Since its opening, the Aquarium of the Pacific has rapidly become Southern California's most highly recognized aquarium, drawing residents and tourists alike to the waterfront area of Long Beach. On display in this 100,000 sq. ft. aquarium are marine life forms found in the coastal waters of both Southern and Northern California.

In order to effectively protect and display this highly divergent "residents" of the Aquarium, a highly effective heating and ventilating system was a high priority. Since the aquarium exhibits species from every atmospheric climate zone from the Southern Pacific to the Northern Pacific, accurate control of the climate was a necessity for animal survival. At the same time, stress to the animals caused by sound and vibration of the equipment had to be avoided. The solution Syska created was a customized HVAC system solution with special climate controls and equipment isolation requirements, resulting in a successful environment for all of the inhabitants.

Located in the Southern California seismic zone, the designers also recognized that the aquarium must remain fully operational in the event of an earthquake or other natural disaster. To help keep all systems functional, Syska created an emergency generator system designed to provide up to 72 hours of emergency power to the critical systems, if needed.

In recognition of the outstanding design, Syska Hennessy received the Integrator Award of Excellence for this project from Consulting Specifying Engineer magazine in 1998.

Based on the ongoing success of this facility since its opening, the Aquarium is currently pursuing expansion plans.