Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, Air Force One
Simi Valley, CA

The Ronald Reagan Foundation received Air Force One 27000 after its final flight in September 2001. Wanting to give visitors a place to remember, reflect, and relive the accomplishments of our 40th president, the Foundation now needed a place to house their new exhibit. With a desire to make the exhibit interactive and reminiscent of a theme park in order to attract visitors, the Ronald Reagan Foundation selected Syska Hennessy Group for the building systems design based on our vast entertainment experience.

The initial scope of the Ronald Reagan Library Air Force One Pavilion included the design of a large public assembly space to house Reagan’s Air Force One plane, and also serve as home to a new theatre, gift store and office support space. Our scope of services included unique design elements such as a serpentine ramp system to access the fuselage, power source for the aircraft and a unique electrical system to provide real life air conditioning into the aircraft.

Syska’s team also re-evaluated the existing and new building’s energy resources based on the increased demands of the new facilities. Our team evaluated the viability of a cogeneration system while investigating several technologies to determine if it would be beneficial for the new pavilion and the existing library. We showed a favorable payback of approximately five years. Because the Reagan Library lives on endowments and donations, this short payback period was very significant to them. We are now proceeding with the full design of the cogeneration system.