Sherman Oaks Galleria
Sherman Oaks, CA

The Sherman Oaks Galleria consists of the following elements:

700,000 sq. ft. of Class "A" office space 300,000 sq. ft. sq. ft. of retail, fashion, restaurant and entertainment on three levels 3,535 user-friendly parking stalls Syska Hennessy Group was responsible for the complete building systems design and construction administration for the conversion of the mall into a mixed-use facility incorporating commercial office space and retail/entertainment space.

Optimizing energy efficiency and system performance for creating this "green building" was key in our design phase. This process required an integrated design process with contributions from all of our major design partners. Described below are some of the key elements of our design, it is important to remember that although the elements are described separately as sustainable, electrical, lighting and mechanical- all of these were looked upon as 'one' in completing a successful mixed-use project for our client.

Highlighted Sustainable Elements

With the help of a Rocky Mountain Institute workshop, Syska Hennessy Group and the design team helped developed the DOE-2 energy model used in the life cycle cost analyses of various sustainable design strategies. The LCA's resulted in the integration of super-efficient glazing systems, solar shading devices, light shelves, light wells and skylights for day lighting and the recommended use of EnergyStarâ„¢ rated office equipment. These load avoidance strategies resulted in the reduction of the building chilled water plant by approximately 30%. The HVAC system utilizes high efficiency chillers, cooling towers and primary/secondary pumps, and the piping and air distribution systems are oversized to promote a low pressure, low energy system.

Electrical Systems

An electrical challenge for the design team was to utilize the existing electrical systems infrastructure to accommodate the varied needs of the retail, entertainment and office client's. Due to the increased electrical demands of the new facility, the design team worked with the Department of Water & Power to increase the power voltage allowance and also designed step down's to sub-stations to enable the team to provide sufficient power to the different segments of the project.

Sherman Oaks Galleria's natural lighting design.

Lighting Systems

The natural lighting design called on Syska's electrical engineers to design an efficient lighting system that was controlled in response to the available daylight. At the Sherman Oaks Galleria our engineers coordinated with the design team to create and implement a simple, yet efficient sensor system. The sensors had the capability to measure the natural light in the office space and would turn on the artificial lights when needed to compliment the natural light. The sensors also had the capability to turn on the lights when a person occupied a space and turn off the lights when they exited their respective space.

Mechanical Systems

When properly designed and implemented, natural ventilation strategies provide the dual benefit of energy savings and improved indoor air quality. Our mechanical engineers look for opportunities to reduce or eliminate mechanical air conditioning in favor of natural ventilation at the Galleria.

An example of where we implemented natural ventilation was at the entrance of the Pacific Theatres where an Atrium was designed to allow for both natural lighting and ventilation. Also, a skylight was designed to connect two of the buildings to allow employees and visitors the opportunity walk outside for natural ventilation while having the protection of the skylight from the sun.

In addition to the above, the mechanical system implemented and designed utilized high efficiency chillers, cooling towers and primary/secondary pumps, and the piping and air distribution systems were oversized to promote a low pressure, low energy system. Unfortunately, for this project an under floor air supply system did not provide the necessary life cycle cost to meet the client's payback criteria.

Project Impact

The Sherman Oaks Galleria was once known as the home of the "Valley Girls" in Southern California. Today, it has been reborn as a new retail, entertainment and office complex for the center of the San Fernando Valley. Featured in numerous Los Angeles Times articles and a recent special on the Public Broadcasting Station the Sherman Oaks Galleria has become the focus for Southern California Entertainment.

The Sherman Oaks Galleria serves as a prototype for future mixed-use facilities incorporating sustainable design elements with MEP and architectural design.


1,003,535 sf