Lotte Jamsil

Lotte the client is a large entertainment, hotel and retail conglomerate based in Jamsil, South Korea. Lotte, is interested in moving their headquarters to a high rise in downtown Jamsil, they felt this would be a prime location for their establishment.

Lotte’s Jamsil Super Tower will be a mixed use building consisting of an office, hotel and residential entity and retail space. The Lotte Jamsil tower will reach 1,820 ft high with a total area of 3.7 million sf. Due to Lotte’s energy conscious culture and its corporate awareness of sustainable design, the project will pursue LEED Gold certification.

The design was technically challenging due to the size and height of the building. High rise towers have their own set of special requirements and considerations; systems redundancy, stack effect, energy consumption, etc are all critical factors that are more pronounced in high rise tower.

The Syska team was also challenged by local jurisdiction, as 3% of the energy used must be generated locally via new or renewable energy. Syska developed an energy savings report that outlines the potential technologies along with its feasibility; technologies reviewed include fuel cells, bio energy, tidal energy, small hydropower, coal gasification, co-generation plant, etc. As part of our report, Syska provided conceptual schematics on how to implement an aqueduct system and geothermal heatsink system that will not only benefit the Tower, but the entire project site.

Technology and BMS are playing a major role in integrating the building's complex systems. An IT infrastructure allows communication among multiple systems and a building management system integrates all the subsystems for simplicity of control. This futuristic city represents the new beginning of the super skyscraper era for Korea and its aspiration to become a tourism superpower.

  • Courtesy of KPF, Architect
  • Courtesy of KPF, Architect


3.7 million sf