Fortune 200 Company
McLean, VA

Keeping on top the edge of technology was an important factor for this Fortune 200 Company looking to expand their headquarters. Syska Hennessy Group was selected to provide telecommunication, security system and audio visual design for this project encompassing the lobby reception, conference center, lecture hall, telecommunication rooms, multipurpose rooms, pre-function area and miscellaneous support spaces.

Our Technology Team designed a seamless high resolution video wall with an integrated control system in this facility. The video wall is approximately 13 feet tall by 20 feet wide, supported by all Ethernet based control system which allows the remote operator or local operator to instantaneously switch any video and data sources including audio to the video wall. Video-wise, it can also be streamed over the company network plus the closed circuit survellience system can be monitored via the video wall display. Syska specified 12 by 12 different video and data inputs and outputs so that the client can have 12 different input types and 12 different output signals on to the display. The images can either be shown in one large image, or a series of multiple images up to 12 different images simulteneously. Syska also did the audio display via recessed program speakers behind the acoustically transparent fabric and wooden frame.

Syska's Technology Team also designed the A/V systems for the conference center outside the auditorium, the overhead paging system, wireless networking cabling infrastructure as well as the access control and closed-circuit surveillance system.