Red Bull Headquarters
Santa Monica, CA

Red Bull, known as one of the world's most recognized energy drinks, sought to move into a new location that would bring their warehouse and office space together, support their growing staff, leave room for expansion as well as, explore energy conservation options. Syska Hennessy Group was selected to transform an existing PaperMate warehouse into a mixed-use space that would represent the brand of our client.

As Syska began to dig deep into the project, a few challenges presented themselves: the existing space, a former storage and testing facility, wasnt a structurally strong building with air distribution concerns and a limited amount of space. Syska Hennessy met strict city requirements to fulfill both client and city needs creatively. We incorporated independent standing mechanical platform for separate HVAC systems for edit bay and recording studios.

The client incorporated a skateboarding ramp that was 20' wide and 500' long and a bifold glass door, 20' wide by 26' high; Syska designed the infrastructure system to support the operable glass door to allow for natural lighting and ventilation and building systems that didnt interfere with the structure of the ramp.


100,000 sf