Glendale Arena (known as Gila River Arena)
Glendale, AZ

Syska Hennessy Group provided building systems engineering, lighting design, and security consulting services for the new Coyotes Arena, in Glendale, Arizona. The team's new, $210 million arena was designed to provide additional revenue enhancement opportunities and improve the overall experience for the Coyote fan, combining both entertainment and sports considerations.

Designed to seat nearly 18,000 people for hockey and professional soccer games and approximately 20,000 people for concerts and other special events, the arena includes a regulation ice rink, luxury suites, and team offices.

The Syska team was selected for this project based on a growing expertise in ice hockey arenas at the national level, combined with specific local Phoenix area experience. The Arena owners relied on the extensive resources of Syska and the Project Architect's team to complete the project on a fast-track process, using an integrated team of building systems engineers and drawing from past success with high profile projects including the Arrowhead Pond, Thomas Mack Arena and Madison Square Garden.

Lighting Design Components

Complete architectural lighting design services, including the sports/event lighting, were provided as part of our scope of service for the Glendale Arena. Our integrated design team achieved an aesthetically pleasing lighted environment that reinforced the game experience.

lighting design services were also provided for the Team Store, Lexus Lounge and Ice Lounge. The design for these areas strengthened the owner's desire to provide the fans an upscale lounge atmosphere while viewing the game. The sports lighting system is provided with shutters to provide "black-out" flexibility during player introductions. The system is designed to provide the TV viewing audience with the best quality image.

In addition, the system was designed to provide television quality lighting for other sporting events and non-sporting events – basketball, arena football, lacrosse, conventions, etc. Separate dimming control systems were provided for the lounges. The entire facility is controlled via a central automated lighting system.

Security and Technology

Glendale Arena's security system was designed to include Access Control and Alarm Monitoring System (ACAMS) and Closed Circuit Television Surveillance (CCTV) systems. The ACAMS for the Arena operates as a stand-alone system, but provides for future expansion to other parts of the complex as it is developed.

The Security Command Center (SCC) is the primary security system monitoring and control point for all security systems. The SCC includes equipment for CCTV monitoring and recording, and other supporting equipment necessary for the displaying, controlling and viewing in excess of 64 cameras. CCTV cameras are strategically placed throughout the Arena interior space, including the Loading Dock, various perimeter locations, and in select locations throughout the Arena Complex. Digital video recording along with a Video Matrix Switcher provide for switching, storage, and control capabilities of the CCTV cameras. In addition, Video Motion Detection is provided at select camera locations.

The telecommunications systems are designed around a Category 5e hierarchal star topology cable plant compliant with EIA/TIA-568B. The cable plant supports over 750 nodes with a combination of voice and data services for the suites, support and press areas. Multimode fiber and copper backbone cables are used to provide connectivity between the Main Phone Room and the satellite telecommunications rooms for data and voice services, respectively. The voice system is based on a traditional PBX located in the Main Phone Room with the capability to provide analog and digital circuits to locations throughout the facility. Special provisions were made for the press areas where a high density of telephone use and dial-out capability is required. A voice mail system is included for voice messaging capabilities for employees of the team and the arena support staff.