Dulles Airport: East Z-Gates Concourse, Phase 1
Dulles, VA

The Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority (MWAA) is currently building an expansion to the existing Washington Dulles International Airport called the permanent Z-Gates. Intended to replace earlier Z-Gates, the new ones will serve regional aircraft and include an east and west concourse.

Project Features:

  • Aviation
  • MWAA
  • Energy Saving Strategies
  • Team Collaboration
  • Renovation
  • Limited Space

Innovations and Solutions:
Contracted with the architect Giuliani Associates, Syska provided worked closely with the team of consultants from different companies. Because of the limited space available for this project, Syska managed to provide all main utilities within a five foot crawl space. We proposed to provide a floor mounted displacement air distribution system to maintain the temperature within the occupied space; this allowed us to maintain high ceiling space and reduce the consumption of air to conserve energy. Syska also played an integral part in the development of a technology cable plant which allowed for the integration of existing airport systems.


32,800 sf