Chennai International Airport New Domestic and International Terminal Expansions

The Airports Authority of India, seeking to modernize and expand its third largest international gateway into the country, selected a plan to transform Chennai Airport into India’s greenest airport. Adding seven new domestic gates and two new international wide-body gates, the airport expansion will also include two new multi-level parking structures. Syska Hennessy Group will be providing schematic design for building infrastructure systems including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and fire alarm/life safety, and a central plant.

The new terminal expansions will be elegant, modern structures with a dramatic, hovering wing-like roof. The building volume is clearly divided into landside and airside spaces that are connected with a central security checkpoint as well as glass bridges for arriving passengers. Under these passageways, in between the two building spaces, two lush sustainable garden courtyards will be the airport’s most unique feature. Unlike any other airport in the world, these gardens are visible throughout the terminal creating a welcomed dialogue between interior and exterior spaces. The courtyard design also works closely with the building to maximize resource management and sustainability such as collecting rain water into multi-functional sculptural pools for irrigation needs during the dry season.

Two new 1,300-car multi-level parking garage structures play a key entry feature role. Located between the highway and terminals, a sculpturally folding sustainable green roof – which also captures and reuses rain water – creates a ‘green gate’ for passengers and visitors arriving to and departing from the terminals. The parking garage is directly connected to the new terminals by a centrally-located pedestrian bridge that safely separates passengers from the vehicular roadways. Once at the terminal building, passengers will find an underground moving walkway to transport them between terminals.

The central plant facility, which will serve Chennai Airport’s utilities requirements, will be located beyond the parking structures. Piping and other service lines will be routed under the moving pedestrian walkway and distributed to each of the existing and new terminals.

Due to the international location of this project, Syska’s engineers are working closely with local Indian engineers to share knowledge of local codes and practices, and to obtain assistance in acquiring the necessary approvals to move the $300 million project forward.


70,000 sm
Kamraj Terminal – 7 gates)
61,000 sm
(Anna Terminal – 2 gates)