JFK International Airport
Jamaica, NY

Syska Hennessy Group has a maintained a long-term, successful relationship with JFK Airport over the years--including consultant, engineer, and master planner, and have been involved in the following projects:

American Airlines (TWA) Cargo Facility Relocation

Syska staff guided TWA (now American Airlines) through building suitability evaluation for the relocation of their cargo facility at JFK into space proposed by the Port Authority.

TWA had three questions-- what would they be getting for their money, how would this relocation impact their operations, and what additional costs would they incur for future facility upgrades? Syska examined the Port Authority's conditions survey report, conducted their own independent onsite conditions survey, and based on our own cost estimating criteria, helped the client see that more cost effective options lie elsewhere.

Air Express International Cargo Facility Syska Hennessy provided engineering services for a new office/warehouse cargo facility occupied by Air Express International, including approximately 100,000 sq. ft. of warehouse and 40,000 sq. ft. of office space. International Arrivals Building Syska provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection system consulting and design services to facilitate the relocation of numerous airline tenants, including Air France, Korean Air and KLM at the existing International Arrivals Building.

British Airways World Cargo, Building 66 Condition Survey

Syska Hennessy Group completed a Condition Survey Report of this existing facility to help British Airways identify and categorize needed system upgrades, and prepare schematic design recommendations.

Saudi Arabian Airlines Terminal Renovation In the early '90s, Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAA) decided to renovate existing office and ticketing space they maintain at JFK. Syska uncovered an opportunity to improve air quality while updating the space usability plan. Syska leveraged the firm's solid relationship at JFK, and worked closely with the space owner and the New York Port Authority, to effectively rectify existing HVAC system problems.

We introduced a new VAV and air filtration system for the SAA space, and identified needed modifications to the main terminal's HVAC system. The result of implementation of this solution was a greater flow of outdoor air to the space, resolving any remaining air quality concerns.


140,000 sf