Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport
Detroit, MI

The North Terminal Redevelopment project came out of a need to provide a new passenger terminal facility to serve airlines currently operating out of Detroit's dated L.C. Smith Terminal.

The existing Davey Terminal was demolished to create space for a new state-of-the-art terminal. Beneath the site, there is an existing underground utility tunnel that serves both L.C. Smith Terminal at the south end of the airport and Berry Terminal at the north. This tunnel will remain operational throughout construction and its utility distribution system will be utilized for the North Terminal. While this is an efficient use of the existing infrastructure, the tunnel ceiling elevation varies at different locations and interferes with the new terminal floor elevation. This requires the relocation of some of the utility distribution systems within the tunnel to maintain the floor elevations throughout the new terminal.

Design considerations were made for baggage and security systems, roadways to tie-in to the new facility, and expandability to allow for six future gates and required service for air carriers. Designing a new terminal in the post-9/11 environment provided this project with many advantages of lessons learned in the industry. For example, our design provides for TSA security and baggage screening requirements with an in-line baggage screening that will ensure a seamless and efficient baggage operation.


700,000 sf