National Aquarium - Dolphin Pool LSS Upgrades
Baltimore, MD

When the National Aquarium in Baltimore (NAIB) needed LSS and MEP upgrades to its existing dolphin pool within a very demanding schedule and a very tight budget, Syska Hennessy Group was able to provide a solution by combining its Aquatic Life Support/MEP team along with its Construction Group to provide all of the services needed for the project.

Syska’s design and construction teams collaborated with the Aquarium’s staff to meet the project’s demanding schedule, while working within the project’s budget constraints. Syska was able to provide design scheduling, budgeting and construction services directly to the Owner, all “under one roof.” In short, this endeavor combines the expertise of one of the nation’s leading Life Support engineering firms with one of the nation’s leading MEP firms, organized under an emerging force in the construction industry.

This renovation project was constrained by the fact that the exhibit was to stay open to the public during upgrades. NAIB recognized that the high coordination of a Syska-led “Design/Build” approach was the most efficient, feasible route to succeed in this task. Syska was able to devise working results operating under a single umbrella, fulfilling the unique restraints.

The single-exhibit scale of this project displays Syska’s emphasis for each individual environ, while our other current project with NAIB highlights how we employ that focus on a larger scale. Although renovation projects, including this dolphin pool, are often limited by existing conditions, space, budget, and history, Syska is wholly capable of providing the client with a system that will provide effective solutions to improve performance of the exhibit.

This project represents our absolutely one-of-a-kind range of offerings. Syska Hennessy Group’s involvement in this project demonstrates the innovative ways we can work to streamline and improve a restoration project to fit the client’s demands.