New England Aquarium
Boston, MA

Syska Hennessy Group provided design of aquatic life support systems for the West Wing expansion.

The expansion consists of the 40,000-gallon outdoor seal/sea otter pool as well as the changing exhibits gallery. The unique style of the multi-storied aquarium building required innovative designs from Syska Hennessy Group engineers, as life support system equipment and pumps needed to be located on lower levels due to space limitations. The design and equipment selected allowed for substantial pumping energy with minimum energy consumption.

In addition, Syska Hennessy Group provided aquatic life support systems schematic design for the new 101,000 sq. ft. East Wing expansion of the existing Central Wharf facility. This expansion includes an 800,000 gallon Gulf of Maine exhibit, a 250,000 gallon West Rocky Shore exhibit and a 30,000 gallon puffin exhibit. Multiple smaller exhibits range from 500 gallons to 1,500 gallons.

Designers were challenged by exhibits that strive to recreate a naturalistic habitat with above and below water views, space for teaching and research, improved amenities for visitors and enhancement of open space, linking the city to the sea.