Tacoma Convention and Trade Center
Tacoma, WA

The Tacoma Convention Center has undergone site location changes and design modifications over the past two years. Syska Hennessy Group has been part of the team throughout the development process, creating systems built for expansions and co-use with hotel and residential facilities. Syska has provided integrated services (vertical transportation, technology, security and lighting design) to ensure coordination that minimizes construction costs.

This integration is realized in such ways as having the electrical documents provide conduit and cable tray systems for technology and security use or having our plumbing documents provide large “free-through” conduit systems for exhibit hall additional capacity.

The new 130,000 sq. ft. convention center will include 50,000 sq. ft. of meeting rooms and ballroom space. It will host local, state and regional conventions ranging between 300 and 1500 delegates and banquets up to 2000. Functional design requirements include an efficient and cost effective layout, flexible room modules, and easy access from both an operations and user perspective.


130,000 sf