Minneapolis Convention Center
Minneapolis, MN

Originally built in 1989, the 800,000 sf Minneapolis Convention Center (Phase I), with building systems engineered by Syska Hennessy Group, had already become a City landmark. Situated alongside Grant Street on the southern edge of the City's central business district, the convention center features 480,000 sf of exhibit area, 30,000 sf of ballroom area, 50,000 sf of meeting rooms, and full onsite restaurant and catering facilities.

The growing success of the convention center prompted the City of Minneapolis to plan for expansion, less than ten years after the its completion. To accomplish this, the City returned to Syska to help with the engineering design. In early 1999 the foundation construction began on the expansion. The fast-paced design and construction effort were expedited by phased bid packages and early and extensive coordination between the architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection trades, and was completed in 2001.

We assisted by providing early-stage consulting regarding the infrastructure needs for the power and HVAC systems. We were able to utilize existing cooling and heating plant capacities without adding to their size - saving the City over two million dollars. The City realized an additional $1.5 million in cost savings, due to the innovative fire protection system we designed, which allowed protection of the Lower Exhibit Hall steel truss members by a zoned deluge system deemed equivalent to traditional fire proofing encasement.

  • Exhibit hall
  • Auditorium Main
  • Seasons Rotunda


800,000 sf