Anchorage Convention Center
Anchorage, AK

Completed in the fall of 2008, a new 215,000 sf Anchorage Convention Center was built in an effort to stimulate city-wide economic growth and attract high-profile conventions. In order to do so, though, Syska Hennessy Group was challenged with designing the MEP systems for a facility with -17°F outside air temperatures.

This included careful placement of all piping systems to avoid routing near exterior walls and roof areas to prevent freezing as well as the heating of drain piping systems to avoid storm water freezing and clogging. Minimizing outdoor air infiltration into the building required special pressurization controls, while rooftop equipment had to be configured in a manner that avoids snow drift build up and blocks air inlets and outlets. Additionally, Syska’s design allowed for an accelerated construction schedule during the summer months to avoid work during Alaska’s sub-zero winters.

Syska designed a special snowmelt system for the building’s perimeter as well to avoid ice build-up and allow greater community access to the convention center. Radiant heating was also designed for the center’s interior lobbies and vast open spaces with high ceilings where conventional overhead heating distribution can be costly and ineffective.


225,000 sf