Westminster, CO

Safeco focuses on serving the insurance needs of drivers, home owners and business owners. Having a reliable infrastructure that protects the availability and confidentiality of their client data is critical to their daily operations.

Safecos goal was to mitigate the geographical risks inherent in maintaining their existing data center in Seattle. Syska Hennessy Group was chosen to conduct a due diligence study for a disaster recovery data center to support overall business operations in the event of a natural disaster and to drive the site selection process.

The Syska team conducted an engineering/construction analysis of over 100 facilities and determined the limitations of each facility from a purchasing and design viewpoint. Final analysis by our team resulted in the selection of a facility in Colorado, resulting in a savings of $2,000,000 based on location. The Syska team additionally provided full data center design and general contracting services.


30,000 sf