Biotechnology Research Company - Confidential

Our client is a leading worldwide biotechnology firm who conducts business in over 70 countries and has experienced rapid growth. As a result of recent expansion, particularly through acquisitions and partnering, Syska Hennessy Group was engaged to assist in developing global strategies to improve the reliability of our clients current operations and plan for their future growth. Syksa’s Critical Facilities team, comprised of Engineering, Construction, and Facilities Management experts developed a long term strategic plan to relieve the strain on our client’s current data center systems. Using a proprietary Criticality Levels Balance Sheet™, Syska performed a gap analysis and prepared a strategic report for the research firm's stakeholders, which covered immediate capacity needs and conceived of a six year program to accommodate significant growth. Syska also addressed their desire to enhance the center’s reliability factor to meet Industry Best Practice for a Global data center. As the first step to address their capacity needs, we were given the go ahead to design and construct the expansion of critical power and cooling systems that support our client’s critical data center and infrastructure. The expansion, completed without interruption to the live facility and totaling 3,500 square feet, will allow future expansions in 2006 and 2007 to be performed in a scalable design process. The project was delivered using Syska’s proprietary Outcome E2C™ construction process. This process which combines the expertise of our engineering and construction teams, allows for proper planning and detailed scripting of all actions so that the construction that was performed within without interruption of the critical load.