Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association College
North Carolina, NC

Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association College Retirement Equities Fund (TIAA-CREF New York, NY), one of the largest and most respected financial service providers in the world, contracted Syska Hennessy Group to program, design and oversee the construction of a corporate data center to serve the entire company. This ground-up project was designed to become TIAA-CREF’s national data center to support their business needs and the relocation of approximately 4,000 employees to Charlotte, NC.

With this facility having such a high level of reliability, the systems needed to be tested to ensure proper operation. Working with the Client, Syska Hennessy Group developed a three-phase commissioning plan.

Design Phase Commissioning: Commissions the Design Criteria

Construction Phase Commissioning: Commissions the Systems and Equipment

O&M Transition Phase Commissioning:

Commissions the People and Processes Our dedicated Commissioning Team, separate from our design team, reviewed the design criteria and provided recommendations not only to operability issues but to reliability and maintainability issues as well. We developed start-up and acceptance test procedures for each individual piece of equipment included in the scope and provided integrated systems testing of the base building HVAC, computer room AC units, critical electrical distribution systems, emergency power generator, UPS, Building Management Systems, Fire Alarm, Fire Suppression, and Security.

Prior to building occupancy, the team developed an O&M Transition Phase Commissioning plan which not only ensured that the people were properly trained to operate the equipment, but also that they have the proper documentation and tools (e.g.: Computerized Maintenance Management System, Systems Operations and Maintenance Manuals, etc.) to operate and maintain the facility and its systems.

As TIAA-CREF’s business grows and their data center is further populated, Syska continues to help manage and maintain the facility. We are currently providing ongoing engineering support as a prime consultant.


75,000 sf