Emmis Communications
Burbank, CA

Syska Hennessy Group coordinated the needs of two different operating environments while providing state of the art 24/7 uptime for a 24/7 operation. Based on our previous broadcast experience with clients KIIS FM and Big City Radio, our market focus entertainment team was chosen to design the building systems for a 26,000 sq. ft. facility.

Our client asked the design team to design their new space, headquartered in a Burbank high rise building, to have the flexibility to house four on-air studios, six production studios, a voice-tracking studio, a mixing studio, an announce booth and a conference studio.

The design team provided innovative solutions that included integrating the new KZLA facilities within the existing facilities of KPWR already located in the space, while providing a face-lift to the entire floor. The consolidation of the two stations was completed without disrupting KPWR’s or KZLA’s on-air operations. This involved careful phasing of the construction on the documents and separation of some key systems to maintain operation. As part of our design effort we worked within the tight confines of a high-rise building providing detailed drawings and renderings indicating the locations for a new generator, UPS and 24 hour HVAC for team and building approval.


26,000 sf