U.S. General Services Administration National Headquarters Modernization
Washington, DC

As part of the General Services Administration's Design Excellence Program, Syska Hennessy Group was commissioned to modernize their national headquarters building at 1800 F Street. The design was to serve as a model for future projects while incorporating energy efficient design technology.

The project consists of the complete renovation and selective historic restoration of 700,000 sf of space within the existing facility. The building's capacity and flexibility will be expanded with the addition of a 105,000 sf courtyard infill. The facility is listed on the National Register of Historical Places, requiring an engineering design that integrates into the building's historic fabric.

Syska's approach included a focus on sustainable design principles to make the best use of the building's natural features and promote energy efficiency. For example, the narrow wing design, typical in a pre-air conditioned age for introduction of natural ventilation and daylight, supports modern natural daylighting technologies. Additionally, energy modeling was used to determine the skin selection for the building's infill component. These design innovations will help the project achieve a LEED® Silver Rating.


806,800 sf