Hurlburt Field Medical Treatment Facility
Pensacola, FL

In government facilities, for many years, preventive maintenance has been deferred, performed improperly or simply ignored due to several factors such as budget cuts, deferred maintenance, reduced staffing levels and equipment breakdowns. Unlike its private-sector counterpart, an obsolete government facility is far less likely to be replaced when it should be. The best interim solution is a proper preventive maintenance program. As a result of such a situation, Syska Hennessy recently began managing the operation, maintenance and repair functions at this 50,000 sq. ft. medical treatment facility for the U.S. Department of the Air Force (with an additional 40,000 under construction).

The project began with a rigorous assessment of all the equipment and its required maintenance--parts, labor and advanced testing. This also included documenting the processes and procedures as well as a review of the maintenance staffing for the proper mix of skills. Subcontracts are negotiated for those areas outside the core in-house expertise. We take all of that intelligence to our client--in this case, hospital management--and demonstrate that there are improvements possible with a relatively modest incremental investment and through the dedication of our facility technicians. Finally, we will measure the results. We're finding that proper preventive maintenance and repair programs can yield big dividends for even the most neglected facilities. Often, these programs begin to show results in a short period of time through more reliable operation and operational savings.


90,000 sf