York County Judicial Center
County of York, PA

The York County Judicial Center is designed to house multiple judicial and law enforcement agencies serving the County of York, Pennsylvania. Constructed in the County of York, Pennsylvania, it replaced the existing courthouse, which is a magnificent historical structure more than 100 years old.

The new judicial center contains 330,000 SF and consists of a basement plus seven stories and a penthouse. The basement, in addition to secured parking for employees, includes a fully-functioning core area providing prisoner processing, holding cells, a central computer room, secured elevators, and a locker room/fitness center for County Deputies. Primary mechanical and electrical equipment systems are also housed in the basement and include the central chilled water plant, hot water heating plant, domestic water pumps, electrical switchgear, and motor control centers. The Emergency Generator and Transformers are located at grade, adjacent to the Loading Dock.

The building is unique in its design approach; the basic floor plan for the first through fourth floors is substantially different from the fifth through seventh floors. The first through third floors contain typical office spaces which house county services to include: Clerk of Courts, Sheriff’s Office, Public Records, Domestic Relations, Adult Probation, Clerk of Orphans, Public Defender’s Office, Juvenile Probation, and the District Attorney’s Office. The fourth floor provides a Law Library, Jury Assembly Area, and multiple Hearing Rooms. The fifth floor will not be built-out for tenant occupation initially but is planned to house multiple Courtrooms similar to the sixth and seventh floors. These floors will have a total of six Courtrooms each and include Judge’s Chambers and Clerk Offices. All seven floors are an integral part of a central Atrium with a full glass fascia provided on the top four floors.

The diverse nature of county functions are reflected in the architecture of the building. It provided unique challenges in designing MEP systems to suit the facility. The basement area required confinement type ventilation systems to segregate the occupied core area from vehicular traffic exhaust, which includes diesel fuel powered prisoner transport buses.

In addition to vehicular exhaust, fire hazards and refrigerant gas exposure associated with the central utility plant required additional confinement ventilation measures. Both the central hot water heating system and the chilled water system were designed for high-energy efficiency. Both systems employ a variable volume pumping system utilizing variable speed motor drives for optimum energy consumption and load matching. The chilled water variable speed motor drives are matched with two speed cooling towers located on the roof.


330,000 sf