Colburn School of the Performing Arts and Conservatory of Music
Los Angeles, CA

The Colburn School is an independent, not for profit institution with a focus on performing arts education. As part of the redevelopment shaping the landscape of the Downtown LA Arts District, the school spearhead an expansion of their facility. The design team was chosen and Syska Hennessy Group was selected to perform the building systems engineering for the 326,000 sf campus expansion.

High performance building technology solutions were incorporated into the expansion primarily from an energy efficiency perspective. Full occupancy lighting sensors were interspersed throughout the campus. The residential units include operable windows that trigger automatic shut-off fan coil units when opened. High-efficiency air handling units with variable frequency drives, an energy management system and a low temperature chilled water system were employed.

This new facility is a mixed-use, high-rise structure that includes below-grade parking for 160 cars, academic spaces in the middle levels, and housing on the upper seven floors of the 12-story tower. The 140 apartment units, encompassing 60,000 sf, house conservatory students. Additional features in the complex include a 200-seat performance lab with control room and greenroom; a rehearsal hall; 50 practice rooms, and a variety of instructional studios. Other amenities include a library, cafeteria, student lounge, game room, and exercise/spa facility. The site also features a public and private terrace/plaza area between the existing school facility and the new conservatory building.


326,000 sf expansion