University of New Hampshire Cogeneration Plant
Durham, NH

The University of New Hampshire, Durham campus, was in the midst of a substantial master plan build-out that would require significant upgrades to the campus infrastructure. The boilers in the existing central plant were antiquated and highly pollutive relative to current technologies. University officials decided to hire a design-build team to design, build and operate a combined heat and power/cogeneration plant (CHPP) on the site adjacent to the existing central steam plant.

The concept of a combined cycle cogeneration system represents a substantial increase in fuel - to- energy efficiencies versus buying power from the local utility company. Furthermore, implementation of on-site cogeneration yields a substantial reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The University of New Hampshire's cogeneration project demonstrates the technical value of combined heat and power systems in a campus environment and set new benchmarks for efficiencies and emissions rates for the northern New England region. The client's goal was to establish a central plant facility that would be capable of meeting all current and future campus electric and thermal energy needs in a highly reliable manner. The team delivered on these goals.


2008 Platinum Award - NY ACEC