Cook Inlet Energy
Century City, CA

Cook Inlet Energy, the nation’s largest minority owned energy business asked Syska Hennessy Group to create a new corporate office space for the company in Century City, CA. The project scope included 17,000 sq. ft. of open office and support space and a 5,000 sq. ft. trading floor to support the trading personnel of the company.

The project team of consulting engineers and architects met with the company’s key traders early in the project’s design phase to brainstorm on the design of their new space. The key challenge in the project involved meeting a tight deadline of nineteen weeks for the complete 17,000 square foot space. Budget consultation and analysis was established from the beginning between the client, landlord, and contractor. In addition, cost input and detailed coordination was instrumental in the project success from cable vendors, audio-visual designers, engineers, furniture manufacturers, dealers, and the security consultant. The up-front coordination continued throughout the project and insured confidence that design, complicated technical interface and the target budget would be achieved.

Syska’s contributions and challenges in the project included the coordination of various elements to create both a functional and striking space. Handling the extensive cabling requirements and MEP coordination for the trading floor was one of the criteria. In addition, to avoid reinforcing the floor and to meet budget constraints, the our team established equipment and cabling clearances for Cook Inlet and design team members. Ducts, grills, VAV boxes, linear diffusers, conduit and the cable trays were sized and located to accommodate tight clearances at the exposed deck and angled ceiling planes An FM200 fire suppression system, 3M-display board, plasma screens, and Daktickers displaying stock prices were also integrated.

The client, project manager, general contractor, mechanical/electrical/plumbing engineer and custom furniture manufacturer were among the many team members who contributed to this successful project. The lesson: close coordination and cooperation of the entire group from the project’s onset enabled us to bring our project together within a tight schedule, on budget, while incorporating many unusual materials, cutting edge technology and the allusion to our client’s Alaskan roots.

Syska Hennessy Group was awarded a 2003 International Interior Design Association (IIDA) Calibre Award for their building systems design on this project.


22,000 sf


2003 International Interior Design Association (IIDA) C -