Commissioning Services: Empowering Operations Staff

The investment in a new facility is a significant one for any organization. One of the most cost-effective ways to protect that investment is the proper operation and maintenance of the facility. An objective of the Syska Hennessy Group commissioning program is to develop the tools necessary to properly operate the facility. Ensuring that warranty information is properly catalogued and organized for use is key to successful management of any warranty program. Utilizing the benchmark data developed during the system testing, the Commissioning Team will visit the site and conduct a pre warranty expiration review of the major systems and equipment, returning quarterly to identify deficiencies that need remediation prior to the warranty expiration. Additionally, the development of a proposed Change Management program will ensure that the facility maintenance and changes are properly monitored to sustain facility performance throughout the facility life. The Commissioning team will conduct seasonal testing to establish benchmark data for systems that were not able to run under true environmental conditions.