Commissioning Services: Partnering

Syska Hennessy Group's approach to Commissioning is a collaborative approach. Syska recognized effective facility delivery is a team effort. As such, Syska Hennessy Group commissioning teams work hard to fully integrate themselves in to the project delivery team to better facilitate smooth project delivery. To help facilitate facility delivery partnering, Syska Hennessy Group appoints at the outset of the project a Commissioning Authority (CxA). It is the Commissioning Authority's job to ensure that the Syska Hennessy commissioning team is fully integrated into the project delivery team. The CxA will serve as the primary point of contact for the Commissioning Team as well as serve as a catalyst between the Commissioning Team and rest of the Project Team to ensure effective and efficient communications are established.

The Commissioning Authority will be in responsible charge of the Commissioning Team, providing direction and guidance to the team, typically as the Project Manager. The Commissioning Authority will also provide oversight of the commissioning activities and serve as a point of liaison with the Owner. The Commissioning Authority will ensure that team members are drawn from Syska Hennessy's national resources to ensure that the maximum expertise of the specific type required to support the effort is assigned to the project.