Commissioning Services: Retro-Commissioning

Retro-commissioning is a step-by-step process of examining and evaluating existing facilities for opportunities to reduce building costs through improved operations and energy efficiencies. This process can be performed on existing facilities that have not previously been commissioned or whose infrastructure operating conditions have degraded over time.

The objective of the systematic process is to identify specific infrastructure areas with substantially less than optimal performance, target those areas, upgrading that performance through operational or physical improvements, and validating the improved performance through testing of the renewed systems. Syska Hennessy Group's holistic approach to retro-commissioning is to provide improvement solutions across the entire spectrum of the facility life cycle, including the operation, configuration, maintenance and management of the energy-using systems. Systems include, but are not limited to: HVAC, Lighting and Building Automation System utilization. In addition, we emphasize the importance of proper training for operating personnel and good documentation of change management processes, as-built information, design intent and sequence of operations in order to maximize the building's operating efficiencies across its entire lifespan.

Syska Hennessy Group approaches the retro-commissioning process from the perspective of the building occupants and owners; looking for ways to improve the buildings indoor environmental quality, maximize occupant comfort levels, while reducing related energy costs resulting in improved productivity on both ends of the spectrum. For more information on sustaining this performance go to Empowering Operations Staff.