Our Approach to Facilities Management

Our proven process of facility analysis will show you how to strengthen your facility operations, improve reliability and allow you to present results to senior management with the confidence that your facility is operating at peak efficiency and at world-class levels. Our consultants will benchmark your entire operation against today's industry standards and show you how to meet or exceed accepted operating results. Our goal is to prepare you and your facility to meet tomorrow's challenges.

Our team of facilities engineers can assist you in the following areas:

  • HVAC Operations Audits
  • Energy Analysis
  • Commissioning
  • Manpower Optimization
  • Preventive Maintenance Procedures and Scheduling
  • Computerized Maintenance Management Processes
  • Operation and Maintenance Manuals and As-Built Documentation

White Papers

Mission Critical Facilities and Operations: Executive Overview of Threshold Considerations
New regulatory and legal standards for corporate governance have dramatically elevated the level of chief executive and board member involvement in mission critical operations, which were previously the sole concern of technical and facility managers. Both the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and recent legal interpretations have redefined directors’ fiduciary duty as “active monitoring” of corporate operations rather than reliance on management to control risks. Because of the extreme financial, operational and security risks presented by mission critical functions and facilities, chief executives and directors must have independent understanding of the threshold concepts applied in these operations. Here we examine these threshold considerations for the benefit of C-suite executives and fiduciaries.
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News Articles

Performance Art & Science
Aug 01, 2015
As information technology improves and building owners accept commissioning a standard practice, that would seem to mean smooth sailing for commissioning as an integral part of development and property management. Naturally, things aren’t that simple.

Problems Found In The Field: How Retrocommissioning Can Solve Them
Feb 01, 2014
In the last few years, major cities throughout the country have passed new energy code requirements mandating that commercial buildings perform regular retro-commissioning audits.

Specifying systems for new, existing office buildings
Oct 01, 2013
The most educated owners are looking to their MEP engineers to become active participants during the initial stages of the project." Rob Ioanna participated in a roundtable discussion about commissioning and retrocommissioning office buildings, October issue of Consulting Specifying Engineer. Read more page 10

An Rx for Cx (Commissioning)
Jul 16, 2012
The healthcare Cx process is the Rx for better quality of care in that it focuses team efforts on the verification of systems performance to prevent failures that can compromise the patient environment. Read about best practices for the healthcare environment in this article. (Turn to page 46.)

Critical Facilities: Data Center Security (Parts 1-4)
Nov 08, 2011
What Drives the Data Center? A holistic approach to protecting the mission critical environment.

How Soon Can You See Green From Building Green?
Apr 20, 2010
It once would take 10 years-plus to see payoff in building "green." However, certain building design practices and technologies can speed that process up, yielding immediate payback and over time, to developers and owners of commercial and multi-purpose properties.

Communication Key to Successful Fire Evacuation Plan
Apr 01, 2010
Part 2 of of Fighting Fire with Forethought: The best fire emergency plan in the world won't do much good unless people know about it. Both building occupants and facility staff should have copies of the plan, learn the plan and practice the plan.

Mass Notification Requires Planning and Robust Systems
Feb 05, 2010
In the last decade, a series of shootings on college campuses has forced facility managers to rethink the way that they respond to emergencies. Wide room for debate exists when it comes to speculating about why such incidents are increasing. But what has become apparent is the pressing need to inform large numbers of people about an emergency in a facility or on campus.

BAS: Brainy Buildings
Jan 01, 2010
Advances in a range of building IT systems can help building owners get the full value out of intelligent buildings, thus improving performance for the building while lowering energy use, costs and harmful emissions. Lates systems for Power Monitoring Equipment and Subsystems, Critical Facilities, Multimedia Audio Visual, Access Controls, Security, Lighting, and Fire Protection are reviewed.

Plumbing for Critical Facilities' Data Centers
Nov 18, 2009
What you need to know about Plumbing for Critical Facilities? What happens if the water supply to a building runs dry, and how can damage from water leakage be avoided? These are fundamental questions that need to be analyzed in every component of the plumbing system in data centers to ensure no down time is attributed to these components.

BAS/EMS Upgrades
May 07, 2009
Before proceeding with any upgrades to an existing EMS/BAS system - or in lieu of an uprade if the budget doesn't allow for it - facility executives should make sure existing systems are operating at optimal levels. This article reviews a check list of causes making the case credible for an upgrade.

Humidity Control
May 01, 2009
New ASHRAE Thermal Guidelines provide a wider range of temperature and humidity in the data center environment, allowing for significant opportunities for reduced energy usage through implementation of economizer operation strategies.