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Opportunity Knocks: Managing airflow to enhance data center cooling performance
Join Syska’s Kishor Khankari, a PhD in Computational Fluid Dynamics and developer of several CFD soft-ware tools, in his White Paper Opportunity Knocks, as he explores practical techniques to enhance the legacy data center’s cooling performance and further promote its energy efficiency.
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Greening Reliability
by Syska Hennessy Group Green Critical Facilities Team

Syska Hennessy Group’s Green Critical Facilities (CF) Team, in partnership with data center owners and operators, is pushing the envelope of design by calling for reduced energy consumption without jeopardizing uptime. Join us in exploring the question, “Can Green really be reliable?” in their newest White Paper, Greening Reliability.
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News Articles

Informing Design
- Aug 10, 2016
The Internet of Things now serves up more building and product specification details than ever before. Uncovering background information on what's important for a project and digging deeper into specific design objectives have never been easier.

Keep Your Eye on These 3 HVAC Updates
FacilitesNet - Jul 06, 2016
Part 3 of a 3-part article on why VRFs are gaining ground, popular refrigerants may be phased out, and pumps present an overlooked way to save energy featuring Dan Nall.

Specifying systems for new, existing office buildings
Consulting-Specifying Engineer - Oct 01, 2013
The most educated owners are looking to their MEP engineers to become active participants during the initial stages of the project." Rob Ioanna participated in a roundtable discussion about commissioning and retrocommissioning office buildings, October issue of Consulting Specifying Engineer. Read more page 10

Face to Face: Gregory Jasmin and Bassem Hariri
ConstructionWeekOnline - Dec 18, 2011
From the CMA Tower in Riyadh to the National Bank of Abu Dhabi, the newly-formed Syska Hennessy Group MENA is targeting mission-critical facilities.

Expansion Advantages of Wireless Controls
Building Operating Management/FacilitiesNet - Nov 08, 2011
The growing use of wireless devices has produced, along with gains in flexibility and energy savings, some surprises for facility managers. Learn what some of the pros and cons are with wireless controls.

Educating By Example
Engineered Systems - Sep 12, 2011
With a high prescription for occupant comfort and efficient MEP systems design, a number of state-of-the-art building technologies were specified at 41 Cooper Square. Through energy modeling and creative engineering, different HVAc scenarious were tried and tested until the righ formula for the building emerged.

Rx for Hospital Design: Models & Meetings
Engineering News-Record - Jul 25, 2011
The new University Medical Center of Princeton is using BIM modeling and high performance strategies for its planned completion in March 2012. Keeping the lines of communications amongst all the players through frequent meetings has also helped this project progress seamlessly from the early planning stages to current construction. Collaborative efforts among the owner, architect, engineer and constructor are key.

Carbon Management Article (PDF, 1.04 MB)
Urban Land - Apr 15, 2011
More and more companies in various industries are beginning to look at their carbon footprint and how they can best measure, monitor, and mitigate carbon emissions related to their output. Understanding the market forces, trends and challenges involved with carbon emissions and their reduction as well as being able to identify and measure current emissions, are the first steps that must be taken. High-performance strategies can then be considered and implemented to achieve efficiencies, as well as reach goals for environmental stewardship.

A Cool Solution
Buildings.com - Apr 11, 2011
Popular in Europe since the 1970s, chilled beam cooling is fairly new on U.S. shores, but is making headway in the market thanks to the booming push for efficiency.

High Performance Education:
Employing sustainable technologies to fu

American School and University - Apr 04, 2011
Today’s modern academic facilities face two unique design and construction challenges. Their designs must embrace sustainability and collaboration, while their structures must be built to last a century. Employing sustainable strategies, in either new or renovation projects, will achieve efficient facilities with healthy environments, leading to the next generation to higher performance, both inside and outside the classroom.

Engineering Net-Zero Buildings
Environmental Design + Construction - Feb 23, 2011
In setting the stage for a building to be operationally net zero or carbon neutral in performance, engineers are responsible for conceiving and designing the energy- and water-consuming systems for the building — crucial components from day one. Subsequently, it’s very important to consult with engineers in the initial design phases.

Rate of Heating Analysis of Data Centers During Power Shutdown (PDF, 514 KB)
ASHRAE Transactions - Jan 28, 2011
This ASHRAE transaction paper is a follow-up analysis of the previous work, Thermal Mass Availability for Cooling Data Centers during Power Shutdown. With the help of a mathematical model this paper describes that the rate of heating of a data center during the power outage situation starts at a certain maximum level, and then, gradually reduces to a certain minimum level. It introduces a few indices that can help in evaluating vulnerability of a data center for rapid heating during the power outage and the extent of protection that rack thermal mass can provide in controlling this rate.

Passive Performance (PDF, 1.40 MB)
High Performing Buildings - Jan 04, 2011

The EPA Region 8 Headquarters, in Denver Colorado, is a mixed use building that well-represents the EPA’s mission of securing working space that shows the feasibility of sustainable design and features. High performance strategies that were incorporated yielded benefits in terms of reduced pollution and resource conservation, enabling the building to achieve LEED® Gold certification.

From Cradle to Grave:Optimizing MEP Systems to Reduce Carbon Footprints
Sustainable Facility - Nov 03, 2010
The first step toward reducing the total carbon footprint of a data center is to attack its largest consumer: operations. Through BIM and innovative design, the MEP engineer can optimize the these systems to increase energy efficiency, decrease GHG emissions and ultimately reduce the total carbon life of a data center from cradle to grave.

Communicating Sustainability Part II: Standardizing Green Guidelines for I
Environmental Design + Construction - Nov 01, 2010
IT and communications equipment and their systems can meet a variety of already-established sustainable criteria. Hypothetically speaking, if these systems were to meet LEED rating system criteria, they would follow the same pattern as a building’s MEP systems with similar categories, including Energy and Atmosphere, Materials and Resources Selection, Indoor Environmental Quality and Innovation and Design Process. This article examines how it can be accomplished.

Communicating Sustainability Part I:
A Call for IT and Communications Systems

Sustainable Facility - Sep 16, 2010
Today's design community already has a certification rating system in place covering everything but IT and communications design. Until every building component is considered for its efficiency, we can’t consciously say we’re giving a green building to society. From owners and technology designers to rating systems like LEED®, it’s high time for IT and communications systems to go green.

Engineering the Architecture: How Technology Enables Iconic Design
Healthcare Design Magazine - May 01, 2010
How technological advances can support iconic healthcare design

An unusual façade, nonrectilinear footprint, and complex floor plan-all these elements of iconic designs are challenging from an engineering perspective. Given that healthcare architecture is increasingly moving in that direction, it is important for engineers to realize that they are no longer just engineering the mechanical systems, they are engineering the architecture as well. A close collaborative creative partnership between architect and engineer-and of course, the client-will create the best possible patient experience and ensure a speedier way towards recovery.

Renewable Energy Makes the Grade: Photovoltaics are Perfect Match for K-12
American School and University - Mar 29, 2010
Solar Power can reduce an educational institution's dependence on the utility grid by harvesting energy naturally, and lower pollutant emissions by decreasing demand. Using a photovoltaic (PV) system can divert about 139,000 pounds of carbon dioxide annually, as well as stabilize a school's energy costs.

The Science of Sustainability
Sustainable Facility - Sep 01, 2009
Greene Hall, part two of SUNY Geneseo's two-phase development, reaffirms the campus' place as a leader in science and technology research. Sustainable aspects and state-of the art features of the educational research facility are discussed.

Modeling High Performance Buildings (PDF, 5.52 MB)
Urban Land - Aug 25, 2009
Sustainability and modeling tools, which enable multiple energy-efficient design strategies to be evaluated in a short period, are driving today's high performance buildings.

Rack Enclosures : A Crucial Link in Airflow Management in Data Centers (PDF, 627 KB)
ASHRAE Insights - Aug 04, 2009
Rack enclosures are a crucial link between data center air-handling units and servers. Design of rack enclosures can impact the fan performance and therefore, cooling performance of servers. This article illustrates the importance of rack enclosure design and airflow management within rack enclosures.

Small Steps Lead to Big Data Center Efficiency Gains
Building Operating Management/FacilitiesNet - May 07, 2009
In addition to improving reliability in data centers, today master improvement plans are being broadend to address energy efficiency as well. Steps to improve energy efficiency can also bolster reliability. An actual case study for a fortune 500 client's data center illustrates this point.

Energy Modeling Improves Building Performance
National Real Estate Investor Magazine - May 07, 2009
Simply put, building energy simulation is a tool used by designers to illustrate the implications of their design decisions before a building is constructed. The benefits of energy modeling as well as the software tools available are discussed.

LEED Looks Ahead with Ambitious Overhaul (PDF, 148 KB)
Architectural Record - May 01, 2009
The LEED® ratings system gets revamped to provide a base more grounded in science and to promote those strategies with the greatest environmental benefits. Rob Bolin, gives his positive opinion on the new program's outlook.

Ten Tips to Make a Legacy Data Center More Energy Efficient
Building Operating Management/FacilitiesNet - Feb 02, 2009
Many companies are aggressively pursuing energy-saving strategies, coalescing around a new marketplace paradigm to go, buy, and sell green — a message that often comes from the boardroom. Until recently, however, data centers remained a special case. The typical mission critical facility is a large consumer of energy, representing the lion’s share of facility operating costs. But reliability and availability requirements hampered efforts to improve energy efficiency.

Green Data Centers Bring Environmental, Financial Gains
Building Operating Management/FacilitiesNet - Jan 28, 2009
Is it worth all the effort to develop greener, more efficient data centers? Arguments for and against are discussed.

Press Releases

Syska Hennessy Group's Princeton Office Moves to College Park Location
Dec 07, 2009
Our regional office has made 105 College Road, within the College Park complex at Princeton Forrestal Center its new home.

Sep 24, 2009

Syska Hennessy Designing Building Systems/Lighting for UCLA, Terasaki Life Sciences Building
Aug 11, 2009
Syska Hennessy was awarded a contract to design architectural lighting for a new University of California, Los Angeles, Terasaki Life Sciences Building.

Syska Hennessy Group Launches New Web Site
Apr 22, 2009
Syska Hennessy Group, Inc., a global leader in consulting, engineering, technology and construction, announces the launch of its new web site, www.syska.com. The new site is not only more visually exciting, but expresses a clear and concise message of the firm’s Vision and its Mission.

Syska Hennessy Completes Lighting Design for San Diego Banner Art Display
Mar 11, 2009
The Port of San Diego engaged Syska Hennessy Group to illuminate the Banner Art Display for the Imperial Beach Art Walk.