Consulting Services

Our audiovisual experts understand the importance of effective communication tools, especially in this age of dwindling personal contact. We design audiovisual systems that not only bring you closer to your clients and fellow employees, but that will give you the technically savvy tools and image that so many of today's business leaders demand.

Risk Assessment is a common first step in a risk management process. Risk assessment is the determination of quantitative or qualitative value of risk related to a concrete situation and a recognized threat. Our Risk Assessment process assists in identifying key threats to personal and property in your operation; then calculates the value of risk that determines appropriate mitigation efforts. This constitutes the Threat & Vulnerability Assessment is the process of determining specific threats to a given asset and then rating the vulnerability of the asset to the given threat.

Physical Security Assessment is the process of analyzing the physical and electronic security assets of a facility; determining their state and ability to perform their assigned function. This assessment is followed by a detailed report indicating the findings and recommendations for improvement. This assessment is essential for keeping a well planned security design functioning and the assets of an organization secure.

Special Event Security Planning is the process of analyzing and planning for the safety and security needs for an event that is a non-regular operation (e.g.: concerts, grand openings, festivals, etc.) prior to and during its scheduled start time. This service is designed to assist in the planning, logistics, training, and implementation of security for special events. This service is supported by two detailed reports; a Planning Recommendations Report that indicates what steps are recommended to enhance event safety and security, and an Observations and Recommendations Report that details the finding, and recommended improvements for future events.

Security Force Training Assessment is the process of analyzing the training of a security department; followed by training program recommendations. Syska Hennessy Group's security professionals have decades of industry experience, coupled with years of actual classroom experience in training security and law enforcement professionals. This positions us to provide expert recommendations in security training programs.

Priority Assessment is a one day assessment of five critical areas of security, followed by a report within 24 hours. This report details the findings and lists recommendations of the areas assessed. This assessment tool is designed to provide security and management with a method to rapidly assess physical and electronic security without the time constraints and expense of a full physical security assessment.

Red Teaming is the actual unannounced testing of physical, electronic, and procedural security; with the intent to discover and exploit vulnerabilities allowing the compromise of the intended target. This exercise is then followed by a detailed report that defines the observations, strengths, vulnerabilities, and recommendations for improvement surrounding the intended target. Syska Hennessy Group will assist you in defining the parameters of a Red Teaming exercise to maximize the effectiveness of your security operation.