Security Training

Certified Protection Officer Training is a board certified security officer training program governed by the International Foundation of Protection Officers. This program offers clients employees the ability to obtain the CPO designation.

Safety and Security Awareness Training is training customized to meet the needs of the client. Training programs such as Front Desk Security, After Hours Employee Awareness, De-escalation Tactics, Crowd Safety Training, etc. have been offered to a diverse range of clients.

Implementation Training offers clients customized training programs for employees to effectively use basic to advanced security and surveillance systems.

Special Event Staff Training offers clients that may have a temporary, seasonal, or rotating security staff the ability to communicate and document basic training of guidelines and procedures for special event staff (e.g.: concerts, grand openings, festivals, etc.)

Training Workshops can be provided to meet the needs of in depth security training on a specific topic.
Table Top Exercise moderating allows the client to put their security training, policies, and physical infrastructure to the test. Customized scenarios target the clients management team on their ability to respond to and overcome various type of security and emergency incidents.