Engineering the Architecture

UMCP at Plainsboro
Plainsboro, NJ

New York, CA

New York, NY

Red Bull Headquarters
Santa Monica, CA

Syska Hennessy Group's High Performance Solutions team provides specific and targeted consulting to architect and other clients to achieve levels of performance that are bleeding edge Net Zero, Carbon Neutral, Living Buildings, etc.

We bring all of the power of our building performance modeling capabilities to these projects to develop integrated energy and water reduction strategies, promote the use of natural and passive systems as primary means of heating/cooling/ventilating/lighting a building where appropriate, right-sizing and optimizing mechanical and electrical systems to support the passive solutions during peak conditions, incorporating on-site renewable power technologies to provide clean and abundant power for the optimized building and systems, thereby mitigating the carbon and material waste, and environmentally harmful emissions associated with oversized and inefficient buildings and system.