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Delivering IT/Telecommunication solutions demands global best practices in consulting, engineering, technology and construction. At Syska Hennessy Group, we deliver it all, from pre-design through construction to final acceptance. Our project managers and engineers specialize in integrating your facility’s infrastructure to support every network system.

  • Structured Cabling Systems (Inside & Outside Cable Plants)
  • Local / Wide Area Networks
  • Voice Communications (PBX/VoIP)
  • Wireless Communications
  • Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)
  • Data Centers

Project Management. Driven by competition and rapid technological growth, businesses require effective planning, scheduling, and cost control of their projects. From data center migrations to turret system upgrades in trading environments, we are committed to supporting their need for high performing, reliable, cost effective IT/Telecommunication solutions. We embrace a multidiscipline environment which enables us to effectively liaison between IT departments and various other departments (facilities, real estate, etc.).

Master Planning. The future is now, and not just for technology.  When considering the future of your facility, campus, or geographic footprint, pre-planning for technology interventions will have a positive impact on your entire enterprise.  Future operational and budgeting considerations are a key factor, the mitigation of disparate departments making inconsistent technology purchases can be mitigated, and common infrastructure, universal to technologies can be placed.  

Standards Development. The need for uniform engineering or technical criteria, methods, processes, and practices are important for businesses that span many geographical locations. We can assist in the development of documentation that incorporates our proven experience as well as client and industry guidelines and standards.  Implementing and maintaining standards equal less downtime, faster mean time to repair, and ease of training new staff.

Design. Our industry certified engineers design standards-compliant IT/Telecommunication systems that support and enhance your business mission including the development of basis of design documents, computer aided design drawings, technical specifications, and requests for proposals. Working closely with IT personnel and the project team, we deliver scalable, flexible, reliable, coordinated design solutions that support various technology systems. From flight information systems in airports to DAS systems in high rise buildings, we have the expertise and experience to support multiple markets.