Point Loma Library
Point Loma, CA

The Point Loma Library features a nautical theme including a wooden ship, story area, reading area with surfboard tables and a functioning periscope. Syska’s lighting design studio provided architectural lighting design services for this unique and playful library.

The story area is accented with 300 fiber optic stars in the ceiling, while the reading area is equipped with dimmable light fixtures to achieve a variety of illumination levels. The design challenge was to effectively light the upper level without ceiling mounted lights. Inconspicuous metal halide up-lights provide indirect illumination. Innovative custom arms for book stack luminaries continue the nautical theme. Daylighting and a fully programmable control system were used throughout the library to conserve energy.

This project received the International Illumination Design Award of Merit from the IESNA.


International Illumination Design Award of Merit - IESNA.