Elementary Institute of Science
San Diego, CA

The Elementary Institute of Science houses an enrichment program which nurtures the curiosity of San Diego’s youth by providing a hands-on experience stimulating an appreciation of science and technology. Syska’s lighting design studio devised a lighting scheme that integrated energy efficient lighting with various architectural elements to intrigue the senses and draw students into and through the space. The exterior incorporates lighting into the long, narrow sloping site that discretely accents the building. Low level illuminations allow the interior lighting of the stairwell to shine through and express itself into the night environment. Step lights and bollards light the pathways for safety, enhancing the geometry of the area.

The lecture hall is illumined with layers of light that accentuate the room. Stairwells are discretely lit with down-lights and up-lights in the rotunda. All of this is controlled by daylight sensors that ensure energy is conserved.


2006 International Illumination Design Award of Merit - IESNA