Carson Tahoe - Architectural Lighting
Carson City, NV

Carson Tahoe Hospital has been part of the Carson City region since its opening in 1949. Originally a public facility, it evolved with the community to a medium-sized acute care facility that is progressive, technologically advanced and provides a continuum of care. In the 1990s, Carson City experienced a 30 percent population growth, spurning the need for a new master plan to meet the growing needs of the community and stay ahead of developing healthcare trends. The result was a complete replacement of the existing facility with the new Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center, at a new location that better serves the region. Situated on 80 acres, the new 352,000 sf medical center is two-and-a-half times the size of the existing hospital with 146 beds and expanded services.

Healing environments are created by the combination of many elements that include the aesthetic issues of textures, colors and light. The building takes advantage of the surrounding landscape with creative design solutions. Syska’s architectural lighting design team was retained to prepare a lighting scheme to enhance the healing environment and exterior of this replacement hospital. Working with the architect and interior designers, Syska incorporated natural light wherever possible. Combining natural light and state-of-the-art lighting technology, the result was a soothing environment for patients and their families. Cost-saving measures incorporated in the design included energy-saving lamps and ballasts, dimming controls and a campus-wide lighting control system.


352,000 sf