Los Angeles Clippers Training Facility - Architectural Lighting
Playa Vista, CA

The Clippers Training Center for the Los Angeles Clippers opened in December 2008. Syska Hennessy Group provided architectural lighting design services for the project including interior, exterior and site lighting. The 30,000 sf project is located on Centinela Avenue, and includes a locker room, practice courts, physical training and hydrotherapy areas, a multimedia room, executive offices, conference rooms and administrative spaces.

The lighting design for the project takes advantage of the daylighting from the facility’s sky-lit lobby, and the curtain wall façades on two sides of the building. The lobby opens into the training and practice areas for the athletes on the lower floor which allows natural lighting to permeate through these spaces. This lighting from the lobby also enters into the administrative office spaces on the second floor to provide ample ambient lighting in these areas. In addition to natural lighting, the executive offices and open offices both use carefully designed linear pendant and recessed fluorescent lighting. The gym and training areas are designed with a lighting scheme that provides uniform and glare-free lighting for practice sessions, as well as additional lighting for any special events. All circulation areas and the staircase use indirect lighting recessed in coves, or architectural details to provide the ambient lighting. The technology used for these spaces include high efficiency lamps and ballasts, and controls technology to meet stringent Title 24 code requirements.


42,500 sf