Glendale Arena (known as Gila River Arena) - Architectural Lighting Design
Glendale, AZ

Complete architectural lighting design services, including the sports/event lighting, were provided as part of our scope of service for the Glendale Arena. Our integrated design team achieved an aesthetically pleasing lighted environment that reinforced the game experience.

Lighting design services were also provided for the Team Store, Lexus Lounge and Ice Lounge. The design for these areas strengthened the owner's desire to provide the fans an upscale lounge atmosphere while viewing the game. The sports lighting system is provided with shutters to provide "black-out" flexibility during player introductions. The system is designed to provide the TV viewing audience with the best quality image.

In addition, the system was designed to provide television quality lighting for other sporting events and non-sporting events, basketball, arena football, lacrosse, conventions, etc. Separate dimming control systems were provided for the lounges. The entire facility is controlled via a central automated lighting system.