Eisenhower Medical Center Annenberg Pavilion - New Patient Tower
Rancho Mirage, CA

To expand their services to the growing Palm Springs and surrounding Coachella Valley population, Eisenhower Medical Center (EMC) elected to build the 200,000 sf Annenberg Pavilion. The new patient tower will facilitate compliance with California Senate Bill 1953, which requires all acute care hospitals to withstand the maximum potential earthquake and remain operational immediately afterwards.

Challenges on the project arose from the relocation of the utilities. Temporary utilities had to be routed from the central plant to the existing hospital, while the building site was made ready to begin construction. Once the new patient tower was completed, the utilities then needed to be rerouted again permanently, while keeping the hospital completely operational. Syska's close working coordination with Turner Construction contributed to the success of this effort.

Other challenges on the project were the humidification of the air, due to the dry climate. Additionally the amount of glass used in the patient rooms to afford windows for natural lighting and room views contributed to temperature imbalances. To remedy the situation, CFD modeling was used to pinpoint any hot or cold spots. Optimized layouts were then designed within each room. This allowed for temperature control and heating/cooling levels to be unison from all angles.

  • Rendering courtesy of Moon Mayoras Architects
  • Rendering Courtesy of Moon Mayoras Architects


251,565 sf new building 3,840 sf renovation


2010 Award of Merit - California Construction Best of 2010