Fox Studios Child Development Center
Los Angeles, CA

Syska Hennessy Group along with Rios Associates designed the Fox Studios Child Development Center for Fox Entertainment. The 10,000 sf development center was specifically designed on the studio lot for the children of the executive staff at Fox, enabling both the parents and children the opportunity to always be close to one another and also giving the parents the chance to visit their children during their lunch hour.

The goal of this project was to provide a comfortable, child friendly environment that also included energy efficiency. The solutions we provided included natural ventilation, when possible, with high efficiency HVAC systems for peak heating and cooling, use of thermal mass to help temper the internal environment, high performance glazing with solar shading and the use of daylight to reduce the reliance on artificial lighting.

The Fox Child Development Project was awarded the 2000 Outstanding Achievement Award by the Southern California Development Forum and recognized in Consulting Specifying Engineer as an Integrator of the Year Project.


10,000 sf